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Scorpio 2014 Horoscope

Scorpio 2014 Horoscope

Astrological Predictions for the Scorpio Zodiac Sign 2014


Scorpio can expect an exciting 2014 not always pleasant, but definitely exciting, at times even dramatic. That's because of the planet Saturn occupying the Scorpio Zodiac sign in 2014. A charged combination.

       Saturn is the planet of duty and firm force making demands that can't be escaped. It's a grim power, albeit a necessary one at times. In past times it was regarded as the prime ruler among planets.

Saturn in Scorpio 2014

Scorpio is not much for the regulations that Saturn normally enforces, nor the discipline it demands and the sometimes costly tolls it takes. Who would be?

       But Scorpio has its own influences, affecting Saturn when it enters the Zodiac sign, which it did already in 2012 and will remain there until the end of 2014.

Hidden Threats

In Scorpio the Saturn power gets secretive and its control becomes at least partly hidden. That doesn't make it less threatening, quite the contrary. Powers that we don't see are more menacing than those of which we are aware. Saturn in Scorpio is like an unspoken threat, a sense of risk that something very important may go very bad, but we have no way of preparing since we know nothing for sure.

Saturn in Scorpio 2014.
The planet Saturn is in Scorpio 2014. So it was also in 2013. It brings serenity and a sense of unclear threats, as well as a forced order that's not really Scorpio's cup of tea.

       Saturn in Scorpio creates suspicion and anticipation, but at the end of the day, not much of what we feared actually happens. Toa large extent, we worry unnecessarily. But that's easy to say in hindsight.

       Scorpio certainly feels this fear and is just as mystified as to what may cause it. But Scorpio is no stranger to the hidden and mysterious, nor to how emotions can get the best of us. That way, Scorpio is better equipped for this trepidation than most. Actually, often Scorpio takes delight in secretly causing worry, stirring up emotions. So, it may even happen that Scorpio enhances in others the sense of unrest that Saturn creates.

Chaos or Order

In the 2014 New Year horoscope, Scorpio contains another astrological point of significance: the Moon Node, also called the Dragon's Head. It was in the same sign in 2013, but after 2014 it will not return until 2031. It's not a planet, but treated sort of like one in the horoscope.

       The Dragon's Head has a counterpart called the Dragon's Tail, which is always 180 away from it, at the opposite spot of the Zodiac. In 2013 and 2014 that's Taurus. They form a line right through the horoscope chart, describing a general overall tendency from one to the other, kind of like an arrow.

       Which way the arrow points, to the Dragon's Head or its Tail, depends on other circumstances. It can vary. So, it's really a tension between the two directions. In this case, when the Moon Nodes are in Scorpio and Taurus, the tension is between mystery and materialism. Fiction or fact, the unknown or the well-known.

The 2014 World Horoscope

The complete 2014 world horoscope chart, based on Greenwich at Midnight, the first of January, 2014. Click on it for a bigger image. Click here to read more about the 2014 world horoscope predictions:

The 2014 World Horoscope

       Society as a whole is torn between the two in 2013 and 2014. Sometimes it moves firmly towards the material, sometimes instead towards the mysterious and ethereal. Sometimes we seem to know more about the world around us, and sometimes significantly less.

       Also, sometimes our world moves towards greater security, and other times towards great unrest.

       Contrary to many others, Scorpio is fine with the mystery and the unrest. That's nutrition to a Scorpio soul. Also, it's how Scorpio sees the world much more a place of insoluble mystery than one where there is a discoverable cause behind every effect.

       Ultimately, it's a question of chaos or order. Both are present and urging us on. Scorpio is particularly prone towards chaos. That's where life becomes fascinating.

Good for Scorpio 2014, Too

Nothing makes as much of an impression on Scorpio in 2014 as the above. Excitement and enigmas. It's sometimes scary and even painful to Scorpio, too, but it's worth it. How else to feel alive?

       But there are other things for Scorpio to expect of 2014, implied by aspects to planets in other Zodiac signs. The most significant of them is the cluster of five planets in Capricorn, which is at a sextile aspect to Scorpio.

       Five is half of the heavenly bodies considered in the horoscope chart, and their 2014 concentration to just one Zodiac sign is quite remarkable. It means that society is engaged in great ambitions, big plans to make grand things.

       According to the world horoscope, this is particularly concentrated to homes and families. They go through a period of significant change, growing in importance. The family will be increasingly the center of life and the home will become more and more of a castle. That's a general tendency in the present era of our civilization, but especially strong and evident in 2014.

       Scorpio's sextile to this means that Scorpio is not directly involved in the Capricorn process, but gains by it and agrees with it. Also, Scorpio's own wishes and aspirations benefit from it, in all kinds of ways. So, the big Capricorn process is good for Scorpio, too, indirectly. For free, Scorpio would say with a smile.

Excitement Is the Thing for Scorpio 2014

Foremost in 2014, though, are the consequences of Saturn and the Moon Node in the Scorpio Zodiac sign. That is what has the biggest effect on Scorpio's year. And it's one of excitement sometimes scary, sometimes bewildering, but always exciting.

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